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As Mentioned in Episode 289 – Unsolved Mysteries

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  1. A throwaway comment from something J&M said made me think, how often has Alex, as opposed to Scott, hung out with his Dad? The X-Men met the Starjammers during the whole M’Krann Crystal debacle, without Alex, Scott works out Corsair is his father while shaving in the Savage Land, do the Stajammers turn up in the Dark Phoenix Saga or the Brood Saga, both Alex-free adventures, they aren’t around until Xavier returns, when did Alex actually meet his Dad?

    I’m assuming 616 Cyclops isn’t as big a jerk as AoA Cyke and at least told Alex about his father at some point previous to them meeting up.

  2. The circumstances of the fateful flight for the Summers boys are pretty different in this timeline, for one thing it is specifically their mother’s birthday in the AoA.
    Theories about Robert the Bruce aside… what if the AoA sees this flight happening a significant period of time later than that of the 616. Which means that D’Ken is doing something different earlier than messing around with humans, the Shi’ar have spacecraft in different locations, and the delay in their capture of the Summers directly leads to their vulnerability to the Brood?

  3. So I’m actually rereading AoA, because of this. Are you going to do all four issues of Amazing X-Men at once, or break them up?

  4. Robert the Bruce backed his younger brother (Edward) to invade Ireland and try to become a king. He has strategic reasons for this, depleting the resources England could call on being a major one. Another struggle among the Norman aristocracy which made life such a jolly time for ordinary folk of Europe (and beyond) in this period.

  5. Has there ever been a possible Summers sister? And are there any Summers that aren’t Hope or Rachel?

    1. Ruby Summers (seen on Earth 1191 and Earth 69413) is the alternate future daughter of Scott and Emma, can shoot force beams like her dad and has a crystalline form like her mother, though ruby instead of diamond.

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