Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 118 – Extrude the Grappling Arms!

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  1. Always liked Alchemy, he was a nice kid who, as you note, made good choices.

    Though it might be worth noting that by turning them into lead Tom would have, inadvertantly, doomed the trolls, since lead is always in high demand on the secondary market (and is often, for example, stolen from the waterproofing of roofs for resale) and he’s just created several tons of soft, easily melted, PURE lead in ground-level lumps with shapes where removing a limb or two would probably not take too long.

    Not worth nearly as much as gold, but much easier to sell, so the poor buggers would be lucky to make it through a week without bits of it being chipped/sliced off.

    (Okay, I know they lasted long enough for him to reverse the process in his Excalibur appearance, but I have no idea how).

  2. Panel #3, that with Archangel flying, is plagiarized from another by Art Adams (as usual regarding Liefeld). But I can’t recall exactly which one… Somebody help?

  3. Interesting Factoid i didnt know:
    “The orphan maker was the first child Nanny saved. Saved him from Sinister, who was raising him up to be a 2nd Cyclops, in the same orphanidge. OM was too dangerous to even be a Marauder. She changed him to keep him from going evil and gave the armour to keep him safe.”
    Yes, im annoyed when they show up. i think they’re the worst. but that WAS an interesting factoid.
    Great Ep ! 😀

  4. I have had a theory about why Liefeld draws his feet so weirdly small that I tried to get someone to verify for years. My theory is that Rob has really tiny feet, and that he is just drawing characters feet to the same proportion as his. Also maybe the art is bad in this book, because Rob drew it while DRIVING HIS CAR like he was doing on the New 52 (see Youtube for examples).

  5. I’m sure you aren’t looking back at such old comments but I have to say that Flight of Dragons is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m so happy you also enjoy it 🙂

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