Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 331 – Surprised by Brood

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  1. Really glad you brought up Ostrander’s background in theology and such. He is one of my fave writers from the 90’s and I highly highly highly recommend his Spectre run (with Mandrake) that goes into theology and the idea of vengeance and redemption. It is also an excellent horror title and well worth tracking down.

  2. Enjoyed the show, as I have for most of the past seven years, thanks! I haven’t read much of the stuff I didn’t read before, but it’s fun to hear you talk about it. A little disappointed to understand that you probably won’t be discussing Ladronn’s run on Cable. Arguably he doesn’t get 70s Kirby to mesh with Moebius until his Hip Flask work. but the passion with which he fights for his goal is a delight to me. Maybe it’s the Gimenez that’s the glue by then?

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