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As Mentioned in Episode 34 – Mordenkainen’s Marvelous Mutants

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Links and Further Reading:

  • In Episode 34, we answered a question from a listener looking for textual evidence that Nightcrawler isn’t homophobic (we pointed them to Amazing X-Men #13). Rachel also discussed that question from a different angle–and at considerably more length–on the blog.
  • Diana: Warrior Princess is both an incredibly fun game setting and a brilliant piece of cultural satire.
  • We are big fans of both the Gamers movies and the humans responsible for them.
  • Rachel and Elle talk a lot of shit about Hank Pym in Episode 4 of Into It.


  1. The first time I saw the whole Hyborean Age X-Men story was while working at a business that restored vintage comics. I remember flipping through the issue several times (cause, y’know, how could you not double-take) and being totally baffled. I’ll say, after this episode it makes… slightly more sense? Ah whatever, I still dig Colossus’s barbarian outfit for reasons I cannot fully justify.

  2. Wasn’t Ultimate Nightcrawler homophobic towards gay Ultimate Colossus for a while until gay Ultimate Colossus was like “Hey you’re being a jerk, what’s up with that.”

    Also, as a gay man, not even *I* care about Northstar.

  3. I actually really enjoyed the “An Age Undreamed of” story. I got a little lost at the beginning but it was nice to realize the story starts right after Rachel and Magma were rescued by the X-Men, in Hellfire Club (and that’s why they’re paired up once again and Storm is in a ship, just like the previous issue). I always find it enjoyable when Claremont gets to make a epic-like story in just two issues of his monthly book without even crossovering to other books!

  4. “Claudication” comes from the Latin “claudo” meaning “I close.” So any act of closure might be called “claudication.”

  5. Do you happen to know the name of the podcast about Bronze Age Dr Strange by the person you met in a restaurant? (Around 40:00). Thanks!!!

    1. Indeed: Titan Up the Defense! Their episodes alternate coverage of The Defenders (with 70s Dr. Strange) and The New Teen Titans.

      Their previous podcast, Teen Titan Wasteland, covered the original Teen Titans comics. It’s sorta a prequel to Titan Up the Defense.

      1. PS Milovoo – STRONGLY RECOMMEND Titan Up the Defense. TBH, Hub and Corey’s interpretation of Dr. Strange may be my favorite version of Strange, period (I got one of my friends into the podcast and he agrees).

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