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As Mentioned in Episode 53 – Sometimes They Come Back

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  1. That panel of Captain Marvel standing underwater, checking out the discarded mattress made me annoyed with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s “Monica Rambeau is terrified of water” business in her first Carol Danvers “Captain Marvel” series.

    Mid-eighties Hercules is the best of all possible Herculeses. I particularly like the way Roy Thomas wrote him as impossibly, unendingly, bottomlessly strong. He one-punches a Growing Man in an issue in this run.

    1. Can’t remember the Issue number, but at one point in the Avengers Monica uses her powers while underwater against Marrina in which she basically her atoms scatter so hard she can barely get back together and spend a decade afraid of her powers.

      It’s brought up a couple of times before KSD touched upon it, so it’s not so unlikely!

      1. … “In which she basically scatters her atoms so hard” is what I meant to say. Curse my porky fingers.

  2. After looking through the Avengers/FF section of the visual companion I have MAJOR QUESTIONS about the Mattress Physics of the Marvel Universe.

  3. Well, since you asked…

    “Like a Phoenix”
    By Ron

    (To the tune of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”)

    She made it through the atmosphere
    Somehow she made it thro-o-o-ough
    Didn’t know she was a cosmic force
    She had become the Phoe-e-nix

    Touched her mind
    Made her mad, and then she turned bad
    And she was rebo-oh-orn
    Yeah, she w-a-a-as reborn
    As the Dark Phoenix

    Like a Phoenix
    Genocide for the very first time
    Like a phoe-e-e-e-nix
    Feel the fire
    In your mind
    Gonna blow up a fucking star
    Slaughter all those aliens
    But the X-men brought Jean back
    ‘Cause in comics love does that

    She’s so fine
    And her mind
    Was so strong, yeah, and edito-o-rial
    Wanted to bring her ba-ah-ack
    So, yeah, they brought her ba-ah-ack
    With the Phoenix Retcon!

    Turns out the Phoenix—hey!
    Wasn’t exactly Jean!
    No, the Phoe-e-e-e-nix
    Borrowed her image
    and her mi-e-a-e-ind


    The real Jean
    She’s just fine!
    She was in
    A cocoon the whole time
    And now she’s back on X-Force
    Yeah, she’s o-oh-on X-Force
    And everything’s fine!

    Jean’s not the Phoenix—well
    Not at this moment in time
    Her future da-a-a-augther
    Has the power
    At this time
    But this is X-Men
    Ooooh! So retcons happen
    All the flarking time
    So it’ll change soon
    And eventually
    Jean’s gonna be

    (The Phoenix)

    Can’t wait for the retcons!
    To bring Phoenix-Jean back!

  4. I get the theory about why Cyclops left his wife and child. But I’m afraid that doesn’t make it any better.
    I also don’t see it, because Scott surely would believe in keeping his word. Which he totally failed to do.
    I’ve just been rereading all the books in question and I feel sorry for Madelyne.

    1. I don’t know that it’s super in character for him either, but to be fair he wasn’t TRYING to leave his wife. He was just going to check on Jean and come back. But Madelyne told him not to come back and when he did anyway, she was nowhere to be found.

  5. Can we talk about Claremont’s ridiculously frequent use of “chum” as a term of semi-endearment? I was a kid in the 1980s but I do not recall folks using this word any more than they do nowadays. Is this just Claremont being Claremont? With the amount of X-books I have been reading recently it’s only a matter of time before this enters my diction and people start giving me weird looks.

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