Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 193 – Sewers of Tomorrow

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  1. The ability to detect normal humans made sense to me as a power back then. Caliban was really prominent so this was just an opposite. We so rarely get to see mutants with minor powers like him or Kylun so this made me happy. And I thought it said a lot about the XSE.

    1. And now I’m imagining him walking into a room where Mimic, Cloak, Dagger, Juggernaut and Power Pack (two in costume, two in civilian clothes) are standing and just doing a neat 180 and walking right back out because he is NOT going to start down THAT road.

  2. Hi guys. A bit off topic, but I’m going on vacation, any personal favourite episodes (no matter how far back) to download and enjoy… while relaxing at the beach?

  3. Being inked by Sienki is probably the best thing ever happened to (pretty so-so) Andy Kubert.


    Being inked by Sienki is actually the BEST thing to happen to ANY artist.

    1. I heard that the X-traitor was supposed to be Captain Atom but they changed it to Hawk at the last minute.

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