Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

306 – Between Here and There

Art by David Wynne. Wanna buy the original? Drop him a line!

In which we continue our ongoing tour of the post-Age of Apocalypse X-Universe; Onslaught gets a name; nobody’s sure what Noah Dubois is doing there; Iceman gets to be the practical one, for once; T&A should not generally appear on the same visual plane; someone needs to talk to Cannonball about kink safety; and Emma Frost lets a call go to voicemail.


  • Tarzan fandom
  • X-Man, summarized
  • Uncanny X-Men #322-324
  • Color as a narrative tool
  • The evolution of Storm’s shower etiquette
  • How not to relax with Lucas Bishop
  • Seat-of-the-pants plotting
  • Parenting
  • Noah Dubois, sort of
  • A road trip
  • Sexiness vs. sexualization
  • Emma Frost as Caprica Six
  • How not to walk a supervillain
  • Cannonball’s uniform
  • Sack
  • Vessel
  • Greycrow (more) (again)
  • The worst morgue and/or disco ever
  • Edna and Norton McCoy
  • Times Rogue has absorbed Colossus’s powers
  • X-Men: Marvels Snapshot

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  1. This feels like an appropriate place to share this… I own this comic. I bought it in 1995 at my local shop that I walked to every Wednesday. I’ve re-read it multiple times since purchasing it.

    I have thought for the past 25 years that it was GreyCOW… I am so confused right now, and I am angry that it is GreyCROW.

  2. While Pulp Fiction isn’t the ideal film for someone who is trying to de-stress after years of suspicion and paranoia, there are probably worse films from that year when it comes to that goal (like Abel Ferrara’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or Wes Craven’s Nightmare, or The Stand airing on TV).

    RE: Marc Spector – And going from the recent Conan Serpent War miniseries he’s possibly an incarnation of the Eternal Champion.

    Re: Psylocke’s AzBat cosplay – it’s a better look than the AzBat suit, but I like the actual Azrael costume by Joe Quesada a little more – it’s got a nice mix of “superhero costume” and “tournament armor” (speaking as someone who is in the middle of a Knightfall Saga read-through, one inspired by this podcast and Miles’ Thor podcast).

  3. Projectile weapons that shoot pink lasers? The NYPD clearly buy their weapons from the same place GI Joe do.

    I’m pleased, though Jay might be concerned, that the name of the third member of the group that imediately popped into my head before he said it was also “Tupperware”, but then I thought it through again, and decided that I think you have to call them Bag (so we could have a female member who would be treated with the respect one might expect from such an “edgy” team) and call them the Kontainer Krew, because 90’s, or else just refer to them as the Tupperware Party.

    Sack sounds a lot like Mountjoy, powers-wise. I’m slightly concerned that Vessel’s defeat released the souls to the corpses, which sounds more like something about to unleash a horde of vampires or zombies. If they’re dead one would have thought the souls would have gone to their final destination.

    “As Iceman, I’ve made a career out of denial” – Oh Bobby sweetie, if you only knew HOW apt that turn of phrase is going to seem 25 years later!

  4. This is one of the comics I’ve had in my collection ever since it originally came out, and until this moment I never picked up on the fact that the the Greycrow who worked at the bar with Gambit was the same Greycrow who was in the Marauders. You X-plainers continue to amaze me by knowing more about the X-Men than literally anyone

  5. Tom Grummett going from penciler on Superboy, possibly my favorite comic of this era, to random UXM fill ins, makes me sad

  6. Rogue also absorbed Collosus’ powers in Uncanny X-Men #247 and then dove into the Nimrod/Master Mold hybrid from orbit.

    I remember how disappointed I was when Onslaught didn’t appear in Uncanny #323.

  7. Reading these issues on Unlimited after all those weeks reading Age of Apocalypse revealed a problem with AoA that I hadn’t appreciated sufficiently, although I think it was probably part of what our host Miles was feeling when this period drove him away from the X-books.

    No, it’s not that we barely are done with one big event before we get set-up for the next one, Although that *is* a problem.

    (One that is wearyingly familiar with current Marvel. The thing about events is, they need to feel like *events*, i.e. not predictable regular yearly occurrences that, if this were ancient Egypt, you would probably connect to the Nile flooding.)

    But there is another problem, which is all the stuff that isn’t Onslaught. Because it’s all very much picking up where the X-Men left off in the period before Legion Quest. And it probably wouldn’t seem so tedious if one hadn’t been away from it for a while. But delay it for AoA, and then come back to it, and at least my response is “My God, get [expletive deleted] on with it!” I’m not deluded enough to expect a resolution to these plots, but could we at least have some actual development, some sense of forward motion to all this.

    Other scattered thoughts:-

    – Storm is “arguably one of the most powerful living beings on the planet.” You know, she’s a made-up person, and you’re the *writer*.. You can just say that she is one of the most powerful living beings. Also, “living beings” instantly makes me think, “But *dead* beings – those presumably blow Storm away in the power department?”

    – These comics pushed my “Bring back the Comics Code! Think of the lessons you are setting for children!” button. I used to be in a relationship with someone from the American Southwest, and she really drilled into me the importance of respecting the desert and not taking stupid chances when driving out in the middle of nowhere in that part of the world. So I am 100% on Bobby’s side. OK, they have powers, and maybe Rogue would have relaxed her “no powers” rule if it was needed to save their lives. But the impressionable young people reading this have no powers, you monsters.

    1. “Also, “living beings” instantly makes me think, “But *dead* beings – those presumably blow Storm away in the power department?”

      Ultron is being very smug somewhere right about now…

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