Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 102 – Baby Race 2000

Listen to the episode here.


  1. I always loved the effect as in the Beast frame, where he’s literally coming out of the frame. There’s an even better one in Inferno, where a demon’s biting the frame.

  2. If you’re comfortable answering this, what’s your source for the As Mentioned panels? The reason I ask is that the coloring is much more vivid than that in my old X-Factor issues — the panel of Beast from XF #33 shockingly so.

    1. Clear ones like that are from Marvel Unlimited! I’m not sure what Marvel did to restore the issues like that, but they generally look pretty good.

  3. Did you guys ever mention that Nanny looked like a robot egg? because it feels like something I would remember. Or I wish I would.

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