As Mentioned in Episode 102 – Baby Race 2000

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  1. Si says:

    I always loved the effect as in the Beast frame, where he’s literally coming out of the frame. There’s an even better one in Inferno, where a demon’s biting the frame.

  2. Zqq says:

    If you’re comfortable answering this, what’s your source for the As Mentioned panels? The reason I ask is that the coloring is much more vivid than that in my old X-Factor issues — the panel of Beast from XF #33 shockingly so.

    • Miles says:

      Clear ones like that are from Marvel Unlimited! I’m not sure what Marvel did to restore the issues like that, but they generally look pretty good.

  3. Eisen-Mitternacht says:

    Oh hey, Jean leaves a note.

  4. Noni says:

    Did you guys ever mention that Nanny looked like a robot egg? because it feels like something I would remember. Or I wish I would.

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