Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

430 – The Bad Feelings Box


In which birds have no business in sex dreams; feelings are complicated and allegories are imperfect; Mystique made some valid points; Psycho-Man is good at UI; Callisto was right; and the label “Omega-level mutant” actually kind of makes sense.


  • Psycho-Man
  • Malice (but not that one)
  • Hate Monger (but not that one)
  • Finding good comics from the ‘90s
  • Uncanny X-Men #359
  • X-Men / Fantastic Four Annual 1998
  • ­X-Men #79
  • The dead man’s hand
  • Dr. Aubrey Agee
  • Psi-War fallout
  • Dr. Bradley Beynon
  • Hadley the robot
  • Poker twinks
  • La Bludgeon
  • Psycho-Man’s Bad Feelings Box
  • An invisible bear trap
  • Marvel’s floating poker game
  • Officers Aguinal and Cleveland
  • Antagonists vs. villains
  • Omega-level mutants

NEXT EPISODE: The Generation X Underground Special, feat. Al Kennedy!

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  1. I think one thing people sometimes forget is that Jean and Scott have been together for over a decade at this point due to the 12 years they spent in the future in The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix. They’ve been psychically linked for a long time.

  2. As a quick “Thing I learned from Anime” more – what is now contemporary France was, for a time, part of the Danelaw, leading to Frankish Vikings fighting alongside Danish, Swedish, and Icelandic warriors during King Sweyn Forkbeard’s attempted conquest of England.

    (As depicted in Vinland Saga)

    1. Well, yes. Then there’s Rollo, a viking, who Charles 3rd of France cuts a deal with where Rollo ends up Duke of the territory now known as Normandy. He had a somewhat famous descendant who was a very nasty piece of work.

    1. I imagine there’s a sort of hipster vibe to these things in the MU.

      Hank Pym uses Pym particles he isoalted and extracted to shrink and expand things. So he didn’t invent a miniaturiser, he discovered a means to miniaturise and de-miniaturise things, with a more homespun feel to it that science conniseurs prefer.

      Reed and Benyon used their own technologies to invent somethin do the same thing* via some sort of ray gun thingie I’m sure, which might be seen as soulless technology in action.

      *or half the thing in Benyon’s case

  3. I had a hard time getting behind Marrow as an X-Man when she first joined. Mostly because of all the murders. I do like redemption stories but it felt more like Marrow’s previous history was being swept under the rug rather than addressed. Though, it’s been awhile since I’ve read this run so maybe they do address it and I just don’t remember.

    I have mixed feelings on current Beast. He’s been both fascinating and frustrating. Fascinating in seeing how he can’t handle the responsibility of absolute power and he’s definitely gone to some dark places. Frustrating because I have been a fan of Hank in the past and it is near impossible to find anything to like about him right now.

    Earlier in the episode when you talked about the 2 series ending (Excalibur and X-Factor) it occurred to me that Excalibur is the first ongoing X-Title to end that didn’t immediately lead into another series like New Mutants did with X-Force or X-Factor with Mutant X. This is obviously pretty common now, but back then it was alarming.

  4. The Hate Monger story with Sue I remember not just for the name change but for the fact she demonstrated how easily she could taken down the rest of the FF, even if they didn’t know it was her they were fighting. Without her traditional inhibitions, Sue is basically a creative Green Lantern, who could come up with ruthlessly efficient ways to hurt people.

    The Claremont FF run was…. unusual, managing things like bringing the Captain Britain Corps into the mix via someone who turned out to be a multiversal variant of Alysande Stuart. And it, again focussed on how effective a fighter Sue coud be, taking down Namor in stave combat etc. It did sort of feel like some unfinished ideas he’d wanted to use in Excalibur being repurposed.

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