Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

444 – Damnit, Magnus

In which it’s difficult to flee with soup; Miles may or may not be haunting the X-Men; Colossus collaborates involuntarily; Marrow is full of surprises; Magneto is a dick; Jay continues to carry a torch for Secret Wars: Siege; and you should totally come to our birthday party.


  • Several rather pointed allusions
  • X-Force #86
  • Uncanny X-Men #365
  • X-Men #85
  • Almost Reno, NM
  • Where mutants come from
  • The Aguilar Institute (more) (again)
  • Abandoned towns
  • Mary the telepathic moppet (more) (again)
  • Odysseus Indigo
  • The Damocles Foundation
  • Sibling names
  • The Fundamental Attribution Error
  • A haunting
  • Christmas beer
  • Christmas ghost exquisite corpse
  • Bill Jones
  • A rescue mission
  • Essential stories of the ‘90s
  • Our weird favorites
  • Siege
  • Our upcoming 10th birthday party (more) (again)

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  1. Sorry to reach back to an earlier episode, but I’m constantly behind on listening and I had a question that I’ve always wondered about.

    I always pictured the X-Mansion being way out from the urban center, so the “Morlock tunnels extend to the basement of the X-Mansion” (established during the Mutant Massacre?) always seemed questionable. Looking at maps, it appears that Salem Center is nearly an hour drive from the Bronx.

    I think X-Men Unlimited #22 is the first time anyone has tried to explain how this works (although it seems odd for Marrow to be explaining it, considering how often the X-Men would have had to use that route). But is it really at all plausible? Does trying to explain it just point out how silly it is? Is there any way to make the tunnels extend 40+ miles from NYC, or should it be MST3K’d into “I should really just relax”?

  2. It looks like Rusty Collins, but that makes no sense as Charles never even met him, Chuck having been out in space for the entirety of his tenure with X-Factor and would hardly refer to his time as one of Magneto’s Acolytes as “under his care”.

    As for Changeling, I think I can see Prof X feeling responsible for that. Changeling was dying of cancer yes, but he still died as a result of impersonating Xavier, rather than because of the cancer. What little time he had was cut even further

    I’d say it was Banshee given how often he’s died, but he hadn’t started that little… hobby yet, so given how few long term casualties the X-teams had, it pretty much HAS to be Doug (with miscoloured hair) as he, Changeling and Thunderbird were the only male losses of note.

    I’d also ask where Illyana was in that pile of photos, except it might have clashed with Colossus’ story.

    Part of me is a bit weirded out by Illyana ever leaving a stepping disk lying around open, given that they led into Limbo, the actual hell dimension where all the demons and technorganic nightmares were. Seems like shoddy housekeeping to me.

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