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As Mentioned in Episode 38 – Welcome to Murderworld

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  1. Wait, tax money doesn’t pay for phone booths. The telephone company does. In the case of Spider-smashing, probably actually the telephone company’s superhuman damage insurance policy.

  2. “Ooopsie, Victor von Doom fall down, go boom!”

    Laughed so hard when this first came out, and I got to do it again today. Thanks for bringing back that memory 🙂

  3. I desperately want to cosplay the Proletarian. I’ve never done cosplay in my life, but that? That, I can get behind.

      1. I’m not sure I can pull off the red overalls look. Of course, I’m not sure anyone can pull off the red overalls look. Which I suppose is kind of the point.

        … and now I’m imagining some weird, Chinese equivalent of the Proletarian. This is like when some geeky colleagues and I spent an hour discussing what Captain China would be like, if he existed, and how he would interact with Captains America, Japan, Korea, et al. I think it mostly involved his two-dollar, mass-produced shield malfunctioning, poor guy.

  4. Hey Rachel, at one point in this week’s show, you seemed briefly perplexed as to part of the reason for the two different X-Men teams/Murderworlds in Uncanny 145-147. I hate to come off as “that guy” but I have to throw in a clarification that I don’t believe was addressed during the show: Doom wasn’t working WITH Arcade, Doom had actually KIDNAPPED Arcade.

    It was Miss Locke and Mister Chambers who kidnapped the X-Men’s family members as collateral so the X-Men would rescue Arcade from Doom. The X-Men didn’t trust Miss Locke not to kill them, so they called in the “B-squad” and sent them to Murderworld, while they headed to Toadworld to liberate Arcade.

    Side note that I find to be a DELIGHT: Byrne got so pissed that Claremont used Doom in what he thought was a “poor fashion” that in a later issue of Fantastic Four, it’s revealed that THIS Doom is actually a Doombot. If you love over-the-top Doom, I highly recommend hunting down the FF issue where Doom punishes this Doombot for letting Arcade strike a match on him by ‘splodin’ him real good.

    I’m so glad you guys came back around to cover this story in more detail as it’s one of my favorites. And it was a delight to hear Chris again, although I will be glad to hear Miles again this week.

    1. Actually, we covered exactly that pretty extensively in Episode 14; I glossed over it here because we were focusing mostly on Murderworld. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

  5. No god please don’t be sorry, you guys are doing great work! There’s just so much info to digest, especially in the Claremont years.

    Re-reading this arc always brings me back to a weird theory I have that Chris Claremont does not like Iceman. I have no basis for this other than the fact that Claremont constantly brought Beast Angel and Cyclops back into the title but in his 200 issues only ever used Iceman three times: Here, Inferno, and X-tinction Agenda — and in the case of the latter two, he really had no choice. And I’ve noticed when Claremont does write Iceman, he occasionally comes off as more jerky than normal.

    Again I have no basis for this but it’s sort of become my “head canon.”

      1. Yeah, but I hear all the really big super villain enterprises import most of their rank and file from overseas these days. It’s a good thing Elsie Carson got on board when she did- I hear Hydra’s been doing a lot of cutting back lately, and their medical and dental coverage has really gone down the tubes. I hope for her sake she got her benefits grandfathered in!

        I’m also inclined to think that if Latveria’s primary export is angry peasants, they can probably leverage that to break into the henchmen export business. All you really need is a change of clothes and fewer torches.

  6. I’m so glad that Chis mentioned the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game but I’m surprised that he didn’t mention the fact that Arcade managed to stick Jean Grey in an arcade game of Pitfall, meaning that you essentially had to play an 8bit game inside the massive budget video game in order to proceed. It also was EASILY the most challenging part of the game as me & my siblings found out that we all sucked at Pitfall.

  7. The sliding timeline makes me enjoy the Prolatarian even more, since it now takes place sometime around 2000. In a few years it will move it up to the brief boom in communist-kitsch revival, so that Colossus will have been brainwashed into being a hipster.

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