Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 287 – Welcome to the Age of Apocalypse

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  2. You guys finally made it! Congratulations! I’ve been super excited to see you get to this point as this was probably the height of X-Fandom as a teen.

    Random thoughts:
    Beast’s AoA appearance seems to be a call back to when he first became hairy in Amazing Adventures, where he had black fur instead of blue fur. Nice touch and I can’t believe it took me so long to make that connection.

    I still vividly recall that Angel/Angle line and thinking even as a dumb teen that it doesn’t make sense.

    Sunfire’s costume is the clear winner for me. That white face mask contrasting with the black silhouette of the rest of the costume muffled by flames really works.

    Jean and Storm’s hair look amazing. I kind of think this book might have made 15 year-old-me have a slight inclination for women with short hair.

    Blink truly was the breakout character for me. I still don’t understand why she wasn’t one of the initial batch of characters to transition to the 616 universe, but I’m glad she eventually got a chance to shine in Exiles (even if I’ve read very little of Exiles).

    Super excited to for this long, but exciting journey with you guys.

  3. I think that the Age of Apocalypse trainee outfits in that flashback managed to become my default.

    My favorite current costume would be Storm’s! I also liked Blink’s outfit. Also Dazzler’s original (the sequel minis gave her a dire replacement, which I always resented).

    For me, the worst costume of the lot is Exodus. It’s so boring–and that’s one thing that definitely isn’t wrong with his 616 costume! I have resorted to elaborate theories to explain this, like the idea that this is a backup costume after his more dramatic original was destroyed, or that he tried to use the octopus shirt (surely the X-Men used Octopusheim as a base for a while?) and his current boring costume exists because his teammates felt that was not acceptable.

  4. Finally! Recently re-read all this on Unlimited, totally forgetting it was coming up on here. Only input: I’ve always read fedayeen as an AoA term for a group of infinites, instead of a synonym/mistake. I think they use it in the Xternals book once or twice, and even in Alpha (“Are you kidding? We’re about to be the fedayeen that bagged the X-men!”) it sounds like a replacement for regiment, squad, etc. Any chance of taking a look at X-man Legends 2, since it was basically AoA: the rpg? Easily one of the coolest surprises ever once I got into the game and realized what it was doing, plus all the AoA costume options!

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