Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

11 – Who Would Win in a Fight

In which we answer 45 straight minutes of your questions and alienate everyone with our answer to Jean vs. Emma, Miles is probably too nice to win in a fight, we are really into The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Rachel is the Vega to Miles’s Shepard, Excalibur is awesome, you should stop punching the DNA, Wolverine is Rogue, Longshot is the prettiest man, and Professor X is a pufferfish.


  • Who would win in a fight
  • The Rachel & Miles Fastball Special
  • Cycloptometry
  • Backissues, collections, and where to find them
  • Podcaster ‘shipping
  • Spinoffs
  • Rachel Summers (more) (again)
  • Five tattoos
  • Non-X stuff we’re into
  • X-Force versus the Comics Code Authority
  • Ultimate X-Men
  • How to keep track of crossovers
  • Textual queerness
  • The Siege Perilous
  • Jean vs. Emma
  • Some good Nightcrawler and Iceman stories
  • Dream teams
  • The Glammest Timeline
  • Best and worst code names
  • Bendis’s X-books
  • X-animals

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  1. Oh my god, you guys were the ones behind that Pete and Pete zine? I picked that up from SPX a couple years ago and had no idea (though I can’t remember who I bought it from off the top of my head). The Adventures of Pete and Pete is amazing, and I will never forgive Paramount for failing to release the third season on DVD.

    On X-Men stuff, I would not be opposed to spending a podcast on each issue of X-Calibur, since I love those comics too.

  2. Crap. I totally meant to type Silver Age. I swear. I agree on your Ultimate X-Men assessment, such as it was. It’s definitely a mixed bag. It was the first X-Men series I read and it was enjoyable enough at the time that I bought all 10 of the hardbacks, but it probably wasn’t the best introduction (or reintroduction as I’d seen the cartoon and first movie) to the team. I quit reading it when Ultimatum happened, which is where I think the continuity gets really screwy and there’s about 7 years worth of stories before you get to that point that are pretty easy to read without crossovers. I’m rereading the series now and my opinion of it is definitely different after having read lots of other X-Men comics in the years since I last opened them. I still think it’s worth checking out though and I’m looking forward to rereading the Brian K. Vaughn arc now that I know and love Saga, Runaways, and Y: The Last Man.

    On a side note, I’m now jealous of all the questioners who used cool nom de plumes. I need a codename.

  3. I’m so happy you guys enjoyed Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-men. It got me back into comics a year ago. And you are the first people besides me who seem to have really enjoyed the Longshot mini. (but I’m not particularly in the “fandom” or whatever so it may have been more popular that I thought)

  4. Great episode! You guys continue to rock. A few random reactions: 1) Didn’t Lee Forrester hook up with Magneto at some point on his Bermuda Triangle island base? I think it was her and I remember finding it an odd pairing (of course now that I’ve read through Inferno and the Dear-God-my-eyes Havok/Madelyne Pryor stuff it doesn’t seem strange at all). 2) I love that you love the Nightcrawler limited series! My favorite bit is when he finds himself in the “Kitty’s Fairy Tale” universe, which leads me to 3) Please say you’re going to cover “Kitty’s Fairy Tale.” I know it has nothing to do with the continuing story, so I could see the justification for skipping it, but its just so good.

    Finally, thanks for the continuing recommendations. I picked up “Season One” based on your good word and really liked it, and I never really had any interest in the original team.

  5. Every time I think you two can’t get any more in synch with my tastes — diehard Excalibur fan here — you go and do something like mention the greatness of Finder and stick up for Riley.

  6. Wow, I was not expecting one of my questions to be used. It’s a good thing I was pulling into my driveway when you guys got to that question – my arm flailing in shock might have caused a fender-bender.

    While I love it when the X-Men are X-Plained in order, I did so enjoy this little question-a-rama. Are there plans for more, at the very least for filler or breaks between heavy storylines?

    Also, kudos to you guys for pronouncing the nom de internet ‘right.’

  7. I just have to chime in:

    – Riley is god-awful. Seriously you guys.

    – Lee Forrester ran off with MAGNETO. She’s the worst Summers girlfriend, and that’s counting Nurse Annie, Bridezilla AND Maddie demonmom Pryor

    – Iceman is my fave X-Man. If I may, the hands-down best Iceman stories come from Scott Lobdell (my fave modern day X-writer):

    #319 travelling back home with his friendzone superstar Rogue

    #340 as an undercover agent in Graydon Greed’s campaign

    and of course the whole of Operation Zero Tolerance where he rises to the occasion and leads the best X-Men roster of all time (Sabra, Cece Reyes, Marrow)

    also, the fun and snowy “winter carnival” short story from Bizarre Adventures #27 (and reprinted in the AWESOME X-Men Rarities collection)

    and the “dark Iceman Saga” from the end of the Marjorie Liu’s run on Astonishing X-Men, really going deep on what makes the guy tick 🙂

  8. You worked on Finder??? My all-time favourite book, OMG, I read the first collected edition because of Warren Ellis’ recommendation… will there be more? I need more! I am trying to not look at CSM’s website because reading an incomplete story is too traumatic. I hope she’s ok, and I love love love love that series….

  9. Been going back through your episodes – this one convinced me to pick up the Longshot Saves the MU trade yesterday.

    It’s fabulous – thank you very much!

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