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As Mentioned in Episode 158 – No Focus, Less Direction

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  1. Has Magneto’s battle with the Shadow King, or the Shadow King/Hellfire Club, uh… team up(?)ever been shown or referenced anywhere else but this one page? I’m guessing it was part of the “Mutant Wars” cross-over that was scrapped and just a quick patch to explain why Magneto was no longer hanging out with his Hellfire bros. If I missed something in New Mutants, Magneto’s Acts of Vengeance appearances or elsewhere I would be very thankful for any who might know to illuminate me on this little loose thread.

  2. I’ve found that the absolute best way to read Cable is as Rick from Rick & Morty. All of a sudden Cable is hilarious:

    “They were casualties, Sam! We’re all potential casualties. I’ve seen hundreds die — Thousands! Don’t talk to me about pain, son..my WHOLE LIFE has been about pain and loss!”
    – Cable from New Mutants #99

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