Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 212 – Drumbeats of Despair

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    Waiiitaaa, waita, waita second. Were you (Jay) suggesting that Wolves skeleton has adamantium in the hollow cores of teh bones (where bone marrow would be)? I always took it as he has a thin coating of adamantium over ALL of his bones. Except at key spots at the joints to not impede his knees hinging, shoulders moving, etc.
    In reality, he should be all heavy and barely able to move. I mean it’s not like he has super strength to overcome that extra weight etc. imagine how agile u’d be with all that shit stuffed in you and weighing u down!:P

  2. Can I ask what the version of Total Eclipse of the Heart at the end was? It was fabulous and not one I was familiar with!

    Many thanks,


    1. That was a cover by The Protomen, a super-rad band best known for their two-part (soon to be three-part) rock opera about Mega Man!

      1. Many thanks, Miles. I will be finding a way to download it. Also, am looking at taking up the musical challenge in this week’s episode. Hopefully, you will be hearing from me!!!!!!! (I put those there for Jay)

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