Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 157 – Melted to Slag

Listen to the episode here.


  1. I still can’t get over the art in this crossover, the issues of Uncanny so look so much better than everything else.

    I find it odd that Glynis Oliver’s colours on the Uncanny X-Men chapters seem so modern and varied compared to her colours on the X-Factor chapters. I wouldn’t have thought they were the same colour artist until I checked my copies. It can’t just be the inks can it?

  2. Aww bumm’merrr (podcast hiatus) 🙁
    Especially since TheUncannyX-Cast pod appears to be done for good after 10 yrs. I NEED MY X-POD FIX!:P ahh’well enjoy the break guys. Love the show & I’ll be here when u guys get back. TUXC used to be the king of the X-PODz. But now I’d say that that is YOU guys now!
    [When you guys 1st came on the scene you were the ROOKIE OF THE YR X-POD, but now ur just the king.]

    1. U guys are the FRIKKIN KINGS!! 😛 i hope u guys are going to be cool kings, and not like, go around bossing around the other X-POD hosts now. making them do your beckin’ing and what not. 😀

  3. The page with Jean rebutting her defenders has very different things going on in art than it does story. That’s a butt and boobs pose you don’t see very often. Up in the sky! Its flying cheesecake!

    Have a cool summer. I’ll sure miss you(re show.)

  4. Speaking of visual companions, did I miss the part where the Meltdown display was posted? Cuz that was definitely a thing, right? Not sure how I could have missed it…

    1. Cosplay.
      Not display.
      Stupid spell check.

      There’s never an editor around when you need one. ?

    2. You know, I’m not sure we actually posted that on the site. I’ll see if we can dig those pictures up!

  5. Somebody at Marvel must be listening – these issues of X-factor were added to unlimited today!

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