Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 155

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  1. If the President thinks Hodge is disgusting, wait until she finds Sugar Man hiding out in the basement…

  2. I can say as a long time Superman reader that Bog’s extremely musclely dudes always threw me off too. The other three Superman artists of the time drew him as sleek and toned, not huge, and one week a month he was just gargantuan.

  3. This is David Wynne’s best piece yet. It has been fun to watch him grow as an artist.

    John Bogdanove though…I remember being confused by his art when these issues came out. I felt they looked horrible. Thanks for sharing the hypothesis that Al Milgrom may have been responsible for it looking so weird. Bogdanove moved on to Superman after this which confused me as well. It was like, are other people actually into this? I didn’t even give his Superman a peek after this stuff.

    Also, enjoy your breaks! You folks deserve one! This and Stop Podcasting Yourself got me into podcasting. Thanks for making such a great show, I’ll miss you!

    1. I confess I’ve never been a Bogdanove fan, be it New Mutants, Power Pack, or Superman there’s always been something just… off to me when I look at his work.

      It’s not his work is BAD, he clearly has talent, and obviously has fans, but it just never quite worked for me. My loss I’m sure.

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