Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

As Mentioned in Episode 156 – Genosha Strikes Back

Listen to the episode here.



  1. With you guys taking a sabbatical, which totally fine, I understand. Is Jay going to continue with X-Men Evolution recaps? Those were awesome!

  2. The Dramatis Personae panels were a bit of a disappointment for me this time, because I’d liked the ones in the previous issue of UXM.

    Those were full of clever little correspondences: Forge’s gun corresponding to Cable’s gun, Gambit’s cigarette corresponding to Boom Boom’s bubble-gum bubble, Jean’s ridiculously big hair corresponding to whatever those things that stick out of Warlock’s head actually are. (And having them at opposing ends of the page nicely sets up how much of the issue is about the conflict between the two groups.)

    This issue’s panels don’t do as much with the mirroring, unfortunately.

  3. I will never… ever… see what people saw in Liefeld’s art. It’s hard to actually follow what is going on, it looks terrible, and the huge blank areas are just laziness, not any kind of artistic “playing with negative space”. AND placing it next to an early, all-cylinders-firing Jim Lee issue makes it look eve worse.

  4. Dudes, I have a question that isn’t really about X-Men, but sort of: Do Marvel still uses that way of doing comics when the writer creates a plot, the artist drawns it and the writer creates the dialogues or it’s something from the old days now?

  5. Unfortunately, it seems search engines aren’t yet picking up on Arm Joe. You may need to add it to the tags on the episode, because clearly, fighting games based inspired by musicals need higher visibility.

  6. Early in the Peter David X-Factor, there was a subplot about Rahne being linked psychically (involuntarily) in some way to Havok. I thought this had something to do with her conversion to a mutate, but while Havok was working for Genosha at a time, it doesn’t sound like he was connected at all to her conversion for that bond to be made.
    Where did that bond come from, them?

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